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What is Nuke Nutrition Atom Anabolic?
Atom Anabolic is the result of a 3 year study to find and compile the finest pharmaceutical grade ingredients into a liquid serum which is capable of increasing the bodies natural testosterone and increasing lean muscle mass and strength, whilst remaining legal.

Why is it in a Serum?
Liquid serum is the fastest way to get Atom Anabolic into the your bodies system.
Right well lets be honest you are not going to become Arnie or Kai Greene
straight away, but over time you will start to see results.  The diagram below gives you an average time line for muscle growth based on a case study conducted in 2016.

Week 0 – 2   | Increase in strength
Week 2 – 3   | Muscle definition should become more prominent
Week 4 – 6  | A significant increase in libido/sex drive
Week 7 – 8  | An increase in muscle size and overall body mass.

Are there any side effects?
Following a case study of 108 subjects, no adverse side effects were recorded.

Container facts:
Size of bottle: 30ml
Servings per bottle: 40
Serving size: 1 full pipette (pipette provided)

Directions for Use:
Training days – Take 1 serving 30 minutes before training.
Rest days – Take 1 serving 30 minutes before bed.

Do I need to run a PCT after I’ve taken Atom Anabolic?
No, it is not necessary to complete post cycle therapy, but we would advise using for a maximum of 3 months with a month break afterwards.

So who can take Atom Anabolic?
Although there are no legalities to taking this product we strongly recommend it should only be taken by people over the age of 18 who are training on a regular basis.

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